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CUTLER & COMPANY INC. works with over 30 businesses. Fred prepares tax returns, Compiled Financial Statements, and is an expert with QuickBooks software. The way this works is that you submit a QB backup or Accountant’s copy to CUTLER & COMPANY INC. periodically. Fred reviews the financials and makes journal entries to post such entries as Depreciation. He then reviews owner draws and advises about owner salaries and assists with payroll tax issues. Once the books are in excellent condition, the corporate tax returns are prepared. Copies of all the workpapers along with the tax returns are kept for five years, so in the event that you misplace your records or they are destroyed, CUTLER & COMPANY INC. will provide copies to you.

Fred was trained by Price Waterhouse Coopers in all aspects of accounting and taxation. He attends over 40 hours of continuing education each year which includes twelve hours of accounting. The rules are constantly changing in accounting. When preparing a financial statement for your banker, the information must be current and in must comply with current regulations.

Speaking of your banker, with an extensive background in the banking industry, Fred can be an invaluable advocate for you. He will assist you in packaging your loan request, and even meet with your banker and you to assist with the negotiations if necessary. Fred has been on the other side of the desk and understands the needs of the banker, which are sometimes quite different than your own perceptions. This is a highly regulated industry and in order to qualify for a loan, you need to understand the parameters within which your banker must operate.

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CUTLER & COMPANY is proud to announce that starting at the end of 2010, we will be providing you with a news updates with important changes in taxes, business and real estate rules and regulations. To sign up please visit our Contact page or check back often to our Blog page.